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The Scappoose Historical Society will take you back to the time when the Scappoose area was first formed and through the years to our present day.
We will introduce you to James Grant Watts who was one of our founding fathers and to the Watts family. This family is the name sake of our Watts House Pioneer Museum which is a 1902 Victorian Home.
The Events section provides you a listing of the Historical Society's activities as well as our Community activity during the year.
We hope you enjoy reading about the history and look forward to you visiting the Watts House Pioneer Museum.
While the Society's mission is to preserve the past we also look forward to the future.  The Society is continually restoring our beautiful home to preserve it for future generations and to keep our area history alive.
The museum is open all year on Saturday's from 10am to 2pm with extended hours during the holiday season.
We will let you get started on a walk through time and the introduction to our Society and our City. 
Scappoose Historical Society
P.O. Box 441
Scappoose, Oregon  97056
Contact number: 
(503) 970-3920
52432 SE First
Scappoose, OR
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