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In 1852 William Watts (Grandfather to James Grant Watts) and his family arrived in Scappoose.  William traveled across the Oregon Trail with his wife and eight children to reach his promise land.  Successful in their arrival, William  and his brother Ben, partook in the Land Grant Claim Act.  They each received a large grant of land that at one time stretched from one end of town to the other.
1853 the first organized school came in .  An actual school house was built in 1854 which was a four room wooden structure.
1856 the first post office was built at Brown's Landing on the Multnomah Channel in .
During 1863 the Homestead Act brought more settlers to the valleys and canyons west of Scappoose.  These settlers arrived by stern wheelers, trains, oxen carts and established trails and roads.  Traveling was difficult on the roads as they were muddy and wet a good portion of the year. The settlers built their lives and businesses which comprised of dairy, cattle, poultry farms, lumbering and horticultural ventures.  Mercantiles, banks, restaurants and boarding houses as well as other enterprises became a part of the town.
1869 brought the completion of the Transcontinental railroad.  
1870 Congress passed an Act where land owners were to donate some of their land for the completion of the railroad and telegraph line between Portland and Astoria. William West donated six acres to the railroad to build a depot and switching yards if they would call it Scappoose Depot.
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