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The Watts Family 
William Watts traveled from Missouri across the Oregon Trail in 1852 along with his wife, six children and one nephew.
The Donation Land Claim Act was in effect and William and his son Benjamin, received hundreds of acres combined.  The claims were side by side running along the East side of the town next to the railroad tracks.
One of William's thirteen children was James Washington Watts.  James married Elizabeth Nessley who's family came to Scappoose along the Oregon Trail.  Their homestead was inside the Watts land claim along what is now 6th Street.  James and Elizabeth had five children one of which was James Grant Watts (called Grant).
James Grant Watts was born in 1864 in the house of his parents on 6th Street. He lived there until early adulthood.  Then he met Arizona Rosamund Ewing (called Rose)  and was married on September 17, 1890 in Portland Oregon.  Grant and Rose's homestead was where the Scappoose Library is now.
The chairs Grant and Newt are sitting on are in the museum today
Grant's original homestead.  Pictured is LtoR Grant and Rose Watts, Mary Watts, Newt Perry,Asa Holaday, Lottie Watts Perry and Mollie V. Combe.
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